A sobering thought for pubs with beer gardens

After such a wretched winter there will be no shortage of people hoping for a warm, dry summer and looking forward to a drink in a beer garden. This is great news for landlords. However, there are public liability exposures to think about before you start serving up.
Customer wellbeing has to be at the forefront of your minds and, as outside furniture and fittings get a spring clean, you should also get a thorough inspection to make sure they are in good order.
Anything from cracked paving to broken benches could pose a problem and landlords need to make sure every part of their premises is fit for purpose. This will minimise the number of slips and trips customers suffer and ensure publicans have fulfilled their duty of care to their customers.
Over the winter, storm damage to smoking shelters was one of the most common claims insurers received, and making sure these structures have survived the wild weather intact is a key responsibility for publicans.
For other outside areas, such as children’s climbing frames and play parks, landlords also need to ensure the equipment is still safe and that they comply with the appropriate Health and Safety Executive regulations.
Appropriate cover
In particular, where landlords introduce items for a short period of time, such as a bouncy castle or barbeque, they need to ensure the operator has the appropriate cover in place and retains liability for any issues that arise from its use.
If they want to make such an item a permanent fixture and operate it for themselves, then they should speak to their broker and make sure such a change is covered by their existing policy.
Similarly, where landlords decide to hold events such as fireworks displays or mini festivals, an insurer will need details around who is running the event, when it is taking place, how it is being managed and the numbers of people attending.
While pub and restaurant owners will be focused on growing their business, it is important brokers advise them about the implications any new activities or services could have on their existing insurance.
This will ensure that, as the business develops, it continues to have the appropriate cover in place to safeguard it for the future.
What to do next? 
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