Fire Brigade Response To Your Business Emergency

Why it could be a postcode lottery.

Recent legislation means each fire authority has the authority to create a unique strategy for its own area.  This could impact speed of response and indeed whether you get a response at all.

Fire alarms is a sensitive area. Some brigades don’t come out to an alert from a fire alarm unless they get a call from a legitimate source to confirm that there is a fire.

Chief Fire Officers have tried to pull together and create a consistent approach.

All of this is bad news for business, bad news for property owners, and bad news for insurers too. It increases the likelihood a fire developing into a total loss. You may be aware that the first fire brigades were owned and managed by insurance companies…

Fire brigades defend themselves by pointing out that less than one in ten of the calls they receive actually need their attendance.

Our Advice

If you are going to install a fire alarm, we recommend you use a company which will have the confidence of the fire brigade and we recommend you talk with your local fire brigade about the steps you can take to ensure that you get a response, if and when you need it. Tell us when you have done it: it will help us to negotiate for you at your next renewal.

Finally, all businesses including businesses who own property (and managing agents) need to have a Fire Risk Assessment (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005). This will detail:

• How to evacuate the building
• Fire training
• Fire Safety arrangements

You need to appoint a “Responsible Person” to manage these issues. Leading insurer Aviva says 40% of UK businesses are currently the wrong side of the law on this one, with no Fire Risk Assessment or badly out of date.

What to do next

If you would like more information regarding risk management or would like to find out more about our solution please call our insurance experts today.

Call 01789 761660

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