Product Spotlight – Professional Indemnity

No business ever sets out to make a mistake or act negligently but sometimes things can go wrong. And, because businesses operate in an increasingly litigious world, the risk of reparations being sought through the courts has never been higher.

Claims for errors or negligence can cripple a business and in some cases cause it to cease trading. Insurance can be a very effective risk management tool to help you avoid the costs of litigation and any awards that may result.

Cover can also be extended to incorporate:
• Dishonesty of employees
• Unintentional breach of copyright
• Unintentional libel or slander

What does it cover?

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers businesses against clients making claims resulting from errors, omissions or acts of negligence by the business’s owners, directors or employees.

Who needs it?

Businesses that give advice, provide professional services or design need Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Why us?

Our fully qualified team has the technical expertise and experience needed to find you the right policy.
• We offer face-to-face reviews and assist you in proposal form completion
• We have an award winning claims service
• With certain insurers we can offer interest free direct debit payments

What to do next

Professional Indemnity Insurance can be a complex area but we can help you. If you’d like more information on Professional Indemnity insurance or would like a quote, why not call one of our experts today?

Call 01789 761671


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