Health & Safety - Information for Property Owners

The Issue

There has been an exponential growth in Health & Safety legislation in the last 40 years. New risks arise all the time, as new working practices are developed and new construction materials used. The law has to continually adapt to address these changes, which makes keeping up to date with the latest regulations very difficult.

Owning and renting property is a very demanding occupation so making time to identify the regulations and the changes to regulations that might affect you can be difficult, and always time consuming.

We can help

In an effort to support our clients and partners we have produced a booklet called Health & Safety for Property Owners.

The booklet is designed to help owners identify the risks their properties pose to third parties and is full of useful information on how to minimise Health & Safety issues.

As well as providing essential information about Health & Safety it also provides invaluable information on:

The use of utilities, 
Legionella & Sick Building Syndrome, 
CDM regulations, 
Control of contractors, 
Business continuity.

Health & Safety is part and parcel of property management so if you’d like to hear how a copy of this valuable and informative guide could be yours, please click on the link below

Free H&S Booklet

Next steps

Our service doesn’t stop when we sell you an insurance policy. In fact, we believe that is when it begins. If you would like to discuss anything to do with Health & Safety and how it might affect your insurance cover you can call us directly. Please call in the first instance.

Call 01789 761666 

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