Riots, Disturbances, or Civil Unrest?

The Issue

A lot of conflicting information has been provided by the press and other commentators regarding the legal status of recent events and the impact that status might have on people and businesses making claims for damages they have suffered.

Contrary to some reports, neither the Homes Secretary nor the police need to designate the events as a ‘riot’ for police compensation schemes to be activated.

In fact the law sets out a range of criteria for this, for example the number of people causing the disturbance.

When a riot happens police compensation schemes are activated to cover organisations and individuals against losses that they could not possibly have predicted. Under the Public Order Act, they are required to compensate individuals and organisations that suffer loss or damage as a result of a riot. There is no cap on the level of compensation.

Insurers can also claim under the riot compensation scheme for the amount they have to pay out to their policyholders in respect of riot-related losses.

What You Should Do

Your buildings and contents policy should cover you for any damage resulting from the recent riots.

However, most insurance policies have a clause that requires policyholders to notify them of any intention to claim for riot related losses within 7 days. This enables your insurer to make a recovery of the costs of your claim from the police under the Riot (Damages) Act 1886. Your insurers only have 14 days to claim compensation from the police authorities hence the reason why there is such a tight deadline on your policy to notify them of any claim.

Help With Future Claims

We offer all of our clients an additional claims fees insurance policy. Claims fees cover means you get the services of a Chartered Loss Adjuster who fully understand your policy terms and conditions and, where necessary, access to all the experts needed to professionally present and argue your case to a satisfactory conclusion. In conjunction with us, they work on your behalf to get you a fair settlement.

And, because you have paid for claims fees insurance you don’t pick up any bills for their services irrespective of the final outcome of your claim.

Cover also includes, at no additional cost to you:

• Telephone advice and assistance for all claims 
• Personal visits on all major losses 
• Arranging interim payments from Insurers where necessary 
• Arranging temporary premises and equipment to enable trade to continue 
• Preparation of a fully valued inventory for all items damaged or stolen 
• Specialists attending all meetings and handling all correspondence with Insurers
• Coordination of builders, surveyors, decorators, etc 
• Working with your own accountants to formulate any loss of profits claim

If you took advantage of this cover and need to make a claim because of the riots you will already be experiencing the benefits of your decision.

If you don’t have this valuable additional cover please give it serious consideration as it could save you a lot of time and ensure you get the claims settlement you deserve.

What to do next

Our claims fees product provides a wide range of benefits and is suitable for most businesses. If you’re interested in getting extra claims protection please call us on today.

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