Making a claim less stressful

Insurance is a very simple concept. It is essentially a promise to recompense you for an event that creates a loss. Providing that loss is covered under your policy you can make a claim.

However, insurance in itself doesn’t take away the stress of a loss, which in many instances can be very traumatic for you and anyone affected by it, such as employees, customers and so on. We support all of our clients when they need to make a claim.

Our AAA claims promise includes :

• Advice: We will support you through every step of your claim and make sure you understand every aspect right up to your final settlement

• Accessibility: You will be allocated a qualified member of our claims team to help negotiate your settlement - we don’t use anonymous call centres

• Attention: We act swiftly because we understand that delays in claims settlements are not good for you or your business

Some general tips

All claims are different of course, but there are some general rules that will help you if you need to make a claim. If you are ever in doubt as to what to do following a claim you can always call us first.

• Mitigate your loss - Put simply, if you can take some form of remedial action to reduce the overall cost of your claim or to prevent further claims, you should do so. For example, stopping a leak quickly will reduce the cost of the final water damage claim. The costs you incur for the remedial action will usually be covered by your policy.

• Report the claim promptly - Contact us immediately or out of hours a list of emergency contact numbers are on our website. Reporting the claim quickly reduces the chances of the claim being prejudiced in any way.

• Be as detailed as possible - Providing important information such as, the date and time of the incident, details of third parties or witnesses that might be involved, will help to speed up your claim

• Proof of loss - At some point in the claim you will need to verify the extent of your loss so start to collect any supporting documentation that might help you. Original receipts are always good but things like photographs can also help. Make sure estimates for replacement or repair are sufficiently detailed and show whether they include VAT.

• Never admit liability - If a third party is involved don’t make any admission, either verbally or in writing. It is up to your insurer to make a liability decision not you. All you need to do is pass on any communication you might receive from them.

We’re here to help

Our service doesn’t stop when we sell you an insurance policy. In fact, we believe that is when it begins. If you would like to discuss anything about claims you can speak to one of our experts now.

Call 01789 761680


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