Employer’s Liability Tracing Office

What is the ELTO?

The Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) is an Insurance Industry-wide initiative to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace trace relevant Employers’ Liability insurers so that they can make a claim. 
They do this by interrogating a centralised database of Employer’s Liability insurance records called the Employer’s Liability Database (ELD). 
Although signing up to ELTO is voluntary almost 90% of Employer’s Liability insurance providers have already joined the initiative. We are members of ELTO and as a result we supply policy data to the Employer’s Liability Database on all Employer’s Liability policies we provide.

How will ELTO affect you?

Up until now we have only needed to supply information readily available from our product administration records. The information we currently provide is: 
• Policy name 
• Address 
• Insurer and policy number 
• Cover start date and cover end date 
• The name of each subsidiary company insured under the same policy 
However, in the future we will also need to supply the ELTO with an Employer’s Reference Number for both the policyholder and any subsidiary company insured under the same policy.

What do you need to do?

We will contact you for your Employer’s Reference Number when your policy falls due for renewal or on any new policies we might provide you in the future. 
Your ERN is easy to find as it is usually printed on mandatory documents including P45s, P60s, P11Ds and on most payslips. 
The fact we send data to the ELTO is not a substitute for keeping your own records. We recommend you keep your own log of past Employers’ Liability Insurers going back for as long a period of possible. You should include in your log any company that has joined you by takeover or merger etc.

What to do next

You don’t need to do anything, as we will be contacting you for your Employer’s Reference Number when we need it. However, if you’d like to discuss anything about ELTO in more detail, or any other aspect of Employer’s Liability insurance, you can call us on 01789 761672. We have a team of Liability insurance experts who will be able to help you.

Call 01789 761672

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