Claims – an extra service

All of our clients have our AAA claims promise:

• Advice: We will support you through every step of your claim and make sure you understand every aspect right up to your final settlement

• Accessibility: You will be allocated a qualified member of our claims team to help negotiate your settlement - we don’t use anonymous call centres

• Attention: We act swiftly because we understand that delays in claims settlements are not good for you or your business

But, for larger claims in excess of £5000 we offer an additional service. For very little extra cost you can include a claims fees insurance policy in your cover. 

Why pay for additional cover?

There are number of reasons why buying extra cover makes sense.


Larger claims can be quite complex and defining the amount of loss is not always straightforward. Often you need qualified accountants and surveyors to help you build your claim. This is usually an expense you are expected to pay.

Insurer attitudes

The way insurers deal with claims is changing. Bought on by an exponential increase in fraudulent claims and a general need to contain costs, insurers regularly appoint loss adjusters to value losses on larger claims. One of their key objectives is to keep insurers claims costs as low as possible.

Claims fees cover

Claims fees cover means you get access to all the experts needed to professionally present and argue your case to a satisfactory conclusion. That means Chartered Accountants, Chartered Surveyors, and Chartered Loss Adjusters who fully understand your policy terms and conditions. In conjunction with us, they work on your behalf to get you a fair settlement.

And, because you have paid for claims fees insurance you don’t pick up any bills for their services irrespective of the final outcome of your claim.

Cover also includes, at no additional cost to you:

• Telephone advice and assistance for all claims 
• Personal visits on all major losses 
• Arranging interim payments from Insurers where necessary 
• Arranging temporary premises and equipment to enable trade to continue 
• Preparation of a fully valued inventory for all items damaged or stolen 
• Specialists attending all meetings and handling all correspondence with Insurers 
• Coordination of builders, surveyors, decorators, etc. 
• Working with your own accountants to formulate any loss of profits claim

What to do next

Our claims fees product provides a wide range of benefits and is suitable for most businesses. If you’re interested in getting extra claims protection please call one of our experts for a quote.

Call 01789 761660 

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